Author - Harshanie Erandika


The Last Poem

When wearied by the poetry’s embrace, I don’t know if you will Throw this away But don’t… Read it one more time Please Even if you don’t like it, I’m waiting Until you finish reading Ask if this verse is sweeter...

Colombo Beacon කවි

You are a Poem

You are a poemAll round the twenty-four hoursFeel like readingI don’t know,Why these poem linesIntimate to me like this…Within those wordsThere is,Letters colored by love…So,I loveTo the love that colored the letters… Harshanie...


Kandy Day

Above the Cloud Wall Holding both hands I was waiting Surveying the serenity of Kandy Lake Calmly rippling water Is gorgeous… Under the dimming heavens I am waiting, Still waiting for you Yes, I am here Always waiting for you… Harshanie...