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     Motivated by collective will of individuals, dedicated to a cause of a brighter future and navigating everyone towards their own unique destinations, this is a family with an unbreakable bond. We are Colombo Beacon. For almost 7 years Colombo Beacon has been the pioneer of guiding and shaping the youth of University of Colombo to become creators, professionals and leaders. It is my utmost honor to write these few words as the president of this prestigious youth organization. Started as a media organization and later on changing its cause to building up something more than just creativity Colombo Beacon has come a long way and produced many professionals and creators on its own way. Experiences on team work, ethics and development of positive attitude were few of the things that a beaconier would and a regular student wouldn’t take with them when they pass out from the university. That is also why we have always had a member base of more than 100 each year. I’m really proud to say that we are not just another media organization nor another career guidance crew. We are unique, strong and highly motivated. Dear Colombo Beacon family thank you for your support and commitment in bringing us this far of this journey. As I always used to say, We don’t work at the Beacon. We don’t work for the Beacon. We are the Beacon.

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