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Passion into Talent: Pen-tathlon 2022

A writer’s pride and satisfaction come from being appreciated for writing what they are passionate about. Although many opportunities find their way to the writers with varied interests, the sports writers rarely meet the enthusiasm in the form of a competition. However, MoraSpirit has brought the best opportunity for sports journalism enthusiasts to shine, Pen-tathlon 2022.

Organized by the MoraSpirit editorial panel, Pen-tathlon is an online article writing competition for writers passionate about sports journalism. All undergraduates are welcome to compete and share their passion for sports and their writing talent. The best writers in the competition will have their articles published and the cash prizes will be awarded as well. The competition is open from 17th of June 2022 to 15th of July 2022 for all university students to present their writing skills.

MoraSpirit has become the social media sensation for everyone passionate about university sports in Sri Lanka. Being the most popular cyberspace for university sports news around the island, this competition by Moraspirit editorial panel will be the best opportunity for sports journalism enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, Pen-tathlon 2022 is the brass ring to introduce their writing to a much larger audience with a natural passion for sports. Therefore, everyone is invited not to miss this big-time event to present their talent and to be recognized.

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