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Thank for the 25k likes

මෙතෙක් ආ ගමන් මඟ
අපව පෙරටම ගෙන ගිය
අප සමඟ රැඳීසිටි
සැමට අපගේ තුති පුද….
ඔබේ හඳ රැඳුණු අප
සමඟ අත්වැල් බැඳන්
පැමිණි ලෙස මෙතෙක් දුර
පිය නඟමු ඉදිරියට
නැවුම් මාවත් විවර වෙයි හෙට….
සම්ප්‍රදායෙන් ඔබ්බට
නැවුම් වෙනසක් සමඟ
හෙටත් අපි ඔබ සමඟ
රැඳෙනු ඇත පළමු පෙළ
නව්‍යකරණයේ පෙරගමන්කරු ලෙස….

Success in our line work is often not a single destination or one accomplishment, but a path made of
small small mile stones to celebrate the journey of our work. It is a success deemed by our followers, as
it’s your appreciation and approval that takes us forward.
And here we stand, reached a mile stone of 25k likes. We started this venture with the goal of
upbringing youth talent, to voice the unheard and to create a platform where talent can be heard,
shared and appreciated. We are deeply humbled and thankful for everyone who made this success a
We are ever so thankful for our viewers as you are the main reason of our accomplishment.
We would be no where if not for the immensely talented and keen fraternity that makes up our beacon.
Their passion and commitment continuously drives us forward. We have a very talented young group.
And also a strong management to guide and strengthen us.
We hope to be better in every way possible in the time to come. We are triumphant of everything we
have achieved so far but eager to improve and offer you the best services!
“Colombo beacon – Navigation towards destination”

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