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Who are we?

We hold different kinds of talents and potentials in our interior. So throughout the school days we attempted to develop and understand those talents and potentials. But we all met a point at the tail end of our school journey that we have to lay down all the other kinds of things for a while and have to concentrate our entire soul on a one aim. That’s our A/Ls.

But now we all are in this university, after obtaining the biggest achievement from our A/Ls. So, I think that, this is the best opportunity to realize our own potentials and to polish our talents and skills. There are numerous places in the university that provide several chances for this purpose. But among
those places, there is a one special place that a lot of talents and skills are get a line together. Young guys, that come from different faculties in the university, are gathered to a one shade to exchange and to exhibit their new ideas and thoughts to release most creative and novel outputs to the spectators. Though we come from different backgrounds, in here
we learn to treat each other as siblings. So, as we smile in every success, we face and oppose to every failure together. So, I never behold it as a place because I really feel it as a family.

Yeah, it’s our family Colombo Beacon .

Photographers, videographers, editors, content writers, directors as well as announcers gathered to work for a common goal of giving out the valuable output to the society. I never site this as a media organization because it gives us countless chances to develop our talents and skills as well as to extend our abilities to the eminent level with the new versions. There’re no boundaries, no limits, no coercions for anyone. So, you have an ability to navigate your own
craft towards to your destiny and in this journey, you can find out the unknown profiles of yourself. Actually, in here you can find out that, “Who am I?” I mean one who concurred to this as a content writer, sometimes ended up his journey as a good photographer or a good videographer. I think, that’s the wonder in here. So, I would like to introduce the Colombo Beacon as the youth organization which clustered numerous young talents and skills to one place to quest the ulterior potentials and it provides a platform to reveal those talents to outside.

So, today is a memorable day for Colombo Beacon. Because Colombo Beacon celebrate its 7th anniversary today. As beaconist we regret about our inability of celebrating this anticipated event eminently at this movement with the calamitous situation of the country. But we all wish you a very Happy anniversary Colombo Beacon and we also wish you a very bright future.

In this remarkable day, as beaconist I would like to give a message to you. “Navigation of your own craft is not a easy task because the way is spiny and harsh. But if you can see a illumination on your way, you can make your own destination easily. We believe that, the Colombo Beacon is a illumination for our navigation. So we all had realized our destination. If you are a person with self-confidence and concealed potentials, and seeking your own way to success, we affectionately invite you to come and see, who are we!

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